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George and I are both patients of Dr. Arnold and Dr. Corbo. I had a pinch nerve which was wrongfully diagnosed by another doctor as tennis elbow. Dr. Arnold took x-rays, conducted a thorough examination, and started treatment. I feel terrific without the use of any prescribed medication.

George had suffered a back injury from an accident. He was unable to participate in any athletics for several years. Thanks to both doctors and a treatment plan, he is now able to surf, play baseball, basketball, and is a Special Olympics Gold Medalist in running. He has never been happier.

Thank you, Mainland Wellness and staff, for excellent patient care!

Diane and George

Our family has been visiting Mainland Wellness for over three years. It began with myself and with the help of Dr. Corbo and Dr. Arnold, I was finally able to get some range of motion in my neck.

I brought my husband and twin boys as well and we have all improved. My son Tanner suffered from acid reflux and some visits with Dr. Corbo gave him some relief.

Along with the help from Jacqui, I am able to manage my discomfort and also have a relaxing time while enjoying a wonderful massage.

Thank you Mainland Wellness!
– Moody Family

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